h1. iPhone Dev Camp 3 p(meta). 02 August 2009 A few days ago I decided to attend "iPhone Dev Camp 3":http://www.iphonedevcamp.org/ at Yahoo's Head Quarters in Sunnyvale, CA. It was a 3 day event starting Friday evening. Most of the event consisted of a hackfest where teams built a project of their choice and present it towards the end of the conference. My team choose to build an iphone app that uploads your photos based on your gps location to a public "event" where everyone can share their pictures. Its a cool app because it creates a shared photo album online. The vibe of the event was awesome because everyone was working really hard on their projects. My team was the last team to leave the yahoo campus becuase we were working hard to get the project done. Another cool thing about my team was that we all met eachother on the first day of the conference. !http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2671/3785654340_e49190bed1_d.jpg! h2. I took this picture while we were on stage demoing our app The team that one "coolest app award" wrote an app that showed a wall of twitter users, everytime they sent a tweet, their avatar would bounce a send a wave to the surrounding avatars, pretty much they copied the idea from WWDC that showed what apps where being purchased. it was a pretty cool looking application, but not of real practical use. One app presentation was pretty lame, they "wrote" an app that allowed you to rent out your car to other people, turn on the car you are renting, and beep the horn of the rented car. During the presentations though, they just explained their idea and showed a video of what their app was supposed to do, they didn't have the code completed, but they won an award for "most potential to make money" :( !http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3287/3779708084_1585b618d8.jpg! h2. I'm somewhere in that picture, can you find me! Besides the hackfest, there were also various talks given, although I didn't attend any of them as I was busy hacking away. One thing I noticed about the event was that there were lots of people who were novice iphone developers and even a bunhc of poeple who had never programmed for the iphone. I wish there was a more even distribution of developer levels, I wanted to meet more of the advanced developers so I could learn more tips from them. I really think that these kinds of confereces are really awesome to meet other cool developers and get a chance to work on some cool projects. This dev camp had over 500 people attend!! All in all it was an awesome event.