h1. Delicious and Instapaper p(meta). 21 September 2009 I've been using "Delicious":http://delicious.com for the past few years to bookmark my websites, a lot of people don't use it anymore, but it gets the job done for me. Just recently I've also started to use "Instapaper":http://instapaper.com to read offline articles on my iphone. I didn't want to have to save a url in both delicious and instapaper so I wrote a sintra application where you put in your delicious and instapaper credentials and it will copy over the bookmarks from one service to another. You can also tell it what tags you want to pull bookmarks over from, if you don't put any tags in, it will just copy over all your bookmarks. I call it del2ip, you can use it "here":http://del2ip.jtoy.net. The only major thing I don't like about it is that it requires your delicious password. The bookmarks are public anyway, so I don't understand why yahoo forces you to authenticate with your password. I might change the code later to just scrape the bookmarks so a password is not required. The source code is also "available":http://github.com/jtoy/del2ip on github. "Check it out":http://del2ip.jtoy.net