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enhancing secure mode on mobile

I love the iPhone photo privacy mode. When you share your camera with someone , they can take pictures and view those new pictures, but not access any other functionality or older pictures. It allows you to share your phone with someone else to take pictures, but not worry about letting them have access to the rest of the phone. I wish the iPhone had other type of secure modes as people use my phone in other ways besides the camera. I see this as a natural extension for apple. Especially because privacy and security are now strong selling points of iPhones.

secure browser mode

Sometimes a friend needs to get on the internet because they don’t have their phone with them. They should be able to use my browser without having access to my browser history, phone, and everything else. No shared cookies or previous history would be used. The browser would act similar to private safari mode. If you close safari, you arelocked out of the phone.

secure call mode

I’ve had several situations occur where a stranger or friend needed to borrow my phone to make a phone call. Even if its a friend, I don’t want anyone having access to my call log or personal notifications coming in when in secure call mode. This mode allows someone to use your phone and only your phone to make phone calls and not have access to the rest of the system. They can’t snoop around in your email or call logs, only make phone calls. You would only be able to use the phone app and when the call ends, you are locked out of the phone.

iphone in secure mode

implementation with iOS

I realize a lot of this functionality would be hard to integrate, but I would still love to see something like this. Without apple agreeing to build in this kind of functionality though, it can never happen. The hooks required to build this are at the operating system level and so you couldn’t have a developer write an app for the App Store to create this kind of functionality. Maybe apple could open up more APIs that allow developers to directly build these modes into the operating system.

When any notifications come in, they are partially suppressed. The phone would still receive messages and show in the display that a message was received, but not show the actual content. The phone is basically in lock down except for whatever functionality you allow to run.

If I were to design an interface around this, I would create a secure panel. The secure panel is a slide up panel that allows you to choose one of the secure modes

I use Android on and off every couple of years and when i last used it, they did not have these secure modes. Their operating system is more open, so I assume they have some of this functionality now, but I still prefer to use iOS. If anyone at apple is watching, please think seriously about adding this.