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New Years Thoughts

Another year ends and another round of yearly reflection occurs. So for 2017, I am going to make my goals public for the first time. I hope that this will help me to be more accountable.

I think overall it was a good year for me. After years of wanting to do hardware, but never doing it, I’ve finally crossed over into the physical world.

I did several projects with arduino,raspberry pi, and kinect. With the arduino, I connected servo motors, photoresistor sensors, and sonar to Processing so that based off the values of those meter, it would control the look and feel of Processing sketches I made. I also did a project where I built an autonomous deep learning car using servo motors, wheels, sonar,speakers, raspberry pi and tensorflow to drive around and speak what it sees.

I build literally hundreds of deep learning artificial intelligence models. Testing out models that hallucinate objects into images, paint in styles of other paintings, mimic the writing style of people, and more. All of this without fully understanding all the code. So it was very hard for me to make tweaks that I wanted to do.

I exercised more in my adult life than I ever have. I was running 10 miles a day almost everyday and I was doing yoga. I absolutely love doing yoga now.

The Bad

I still spend too much time reading news and email. I’ve wanted to reduce the amount of junk I read and I have reduced it a lot t times, but it seems like after a short period of time, I get right back into my old habits. So a key question for me is to think about how I can keep habits permantently.

During the past year, I spent a lot of time building arificial neural networks. I was a lot of fun, but during the process,I saw I was getting stuck on a lot of the math. I studied mathematics during undergrad, but since then did not use it much. I’ve always wanted to spend more of my time deep in math, especially since computers require it. And now that I spend a lot of time writing image processing code, I’m essentially writing math code all day now. So I will spend a lot of my free time studying and reasoning about math. I need to put together a project around this to show my work. Maybe it is teaching a class around calculus and linear algebra. I imagine that this will be a long project for me as I have a lot of math to catch up on :)

I took on too many projects as usual. I love to take on projects and I have a hard time refusing projects.

I want to restrain myself from taking on too many projects. I want to say no to more projects instead of taking on too many.
I don’t know how to realistically do that. At max, I only want to be doing 3 projects. Currently, those projects are somatic, pushpopchallenge, and improving my math are my current projects.

I want to spend more time being mindful. Practicing mindfulness and trying to do yoga a few times a week. This is absolutely key, without this, I might as well not try any of the other goals. I easilyget sucked into what im doing and will not stop at the detriment of everything else.

So for work, I want to reduce the amount of time I do on “work”. That means the quality of the work must also greatly improve. Write less emails, write a little code and that should be it for the day. Hopefully the rest of the day is spent on writing,studying, or reading.
I will spend daily time practicing HEAL, which just means spend a few minutes a day being happy and grateful for what I have in my life.

I just want to reduce the overall stress in my life. So a lit of these goals are about reducing stress. As time goes on, health becomes the main issue in our lives.

I will cut out news from my daily life. I noticed for years that it uses up a lot of my time and makes me anxious. Last year with the elections made it worse, I was constantly checking the news, and for what? Not much changes by me knowing about it, so I want to completely stop for now. The same goes for email, I don’t need to be checking it constantly. So my goal is to completely stop news, and only check email once or twice a day. Maybe at 11 am and 5pm. I get 30 mins to respond to all those emails.

I look forward to reflecting on this at the end of 2017.